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This is going to be an amazing weekend. BOOK in you preffered team sites before 10pm Thursday by email See allocated sites here

A tent site is included as part of your entry fee, each team will be allocated a 5 x 6m on the grassed area next to event HQ, the course will weave through the tent site. One car per site, car parking will be nearby so plan wisely. Your car and tent must fit within this area. NO overnight camping  and the use of BBQ, open flames, smoking or heating are is NOT permitted due to the fire risk, NO EXCEPTIONS!

There is room for a caravan or cars for the riders who wish to base themselves in a vehicle. Note there is a max of one team vehicle.

You will receive your team site allocation at registration. If you wish to have a site next to another team please email us two weeks prior to the event date but there is no guarantees. Email