E Bike Policy

All forms of Electronic assisted bikes “E Bikes” are not permitted in this event including pedal assist and twist throttle. This policy excludes bikes with electronic gear shifters.

Refund Policy

Applications for entry fee refunds will only be accepted in writing and are subject to a $15 administration cost.  Entry fees will be returned if the organiser is notified 21 days prior to event day. After this date there will be strictly no refunds.

Entry Transfer Policy

Entry made by you may only be transfer to another person in a serious medical withdrawal of that rider. The event organiser may request written request by email 21 days prior to the event.. Please note a simple flu or cold will not be eligible for this process. Written confirmation of the injury maybe required including medical reports before authorizing a transfer. There is a $15 administration cost.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that the event course is, in the opinion of the event organisers, unsafe (for example by reason of heavy rain, high winds, bushfires, “acts of god”), organisers may, in their sole discretion, attempt to re-route the course, find an alternative shortened course or cancel the event. Organisers also reserve the right to cancel the event for any other reason, which may include but is not limited to terrorism and war. If the event is cancelled, re-routed or shortened, no refund or transfer to another event will be made. Due to the scale of the event logistics, travel & commitment involved by competitors, it is not practical to reschedule the event to any other weekend.

Entry Disclaimer

I have read the race rules and voluntarily signed this waiver and I have agreed to assume the entire risk of loss, property damage, illness, injury or death (collectively “losses”) that I may sustain in conjunction with my participation in the Rotorua8 (“Event”). I understand that my participation in the Event will include participation in the mountain biking. I acknowledge that there are risks inherent in the Event and that I may sustain losses as a result of participating in the Event. I voluntarily agree to assume (for myself, my representatives, heirs, assigns and next of kin) all such risks, foreseeable or otherwise, and hereby release NDuro Events 2014 Limited, the Event management team and all persons and entities connected with the Event, from any liability for any and all losses whatsoever, whatever the cause, that I may sustain. My assumption of the entire risk of any and all losses to me in the Event is intended to apply to any and all losses no matter how the loss (or losses) is (or are) caused. My assumption of the entire risk of any and all losses to me in the Event is intended to cover any loss or losses caused by a negligent act or a negligent failure to act. I hereby authorise and grant NDuro Events 2014 Limited and their related companies and assignees the right to edit, publish copyright and use, in perpetuity, any and all information, photographs, video and images in which I appear. I further agree that NDuro Events 2014 Limited and their related companies and assignees may, in perpetuity, transfer use, or cause to be used these pieces of information photographs, videos, or images for any and all exhibitions, public displays, publications, commercials, art and advertising purposes without limitation or reservation. I agree that the rights granted herein to NDuro Events 2014 Limited shall be without prior notice or additional compensation to me, and I waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve these pieces of information, photographs, videos or images or the use of them.